Kingdom Builders Ministry is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.  Tax ID#:  36-4764808

The Kingdom Builders organization has been “building relationships and changing lives” for more than a decade in poor neighborhoods surrounding Tijuana, Mexico through the most popular Ministerios Transformacion church group led by founder Pastor Daniel Nunez. This church group is ministering to members of each neighborhood, building homes and churches, sponsoring children to school from elementary through college, feeding breakfast to hundreds of children each morning before going to school, providing periodic free medical and dental clinics, supporting a hospice of men with disabilities and homelessness, training pastors to lead worship services in their respective neighborhoods and raising money to make all this and other endeavors happen. Thus, donation of money plus goods and services is essential to everyone living in poverty.

General Donations

Why the Money is Needed

Kingdom Builders Ministry exists due in large part to the ongoing donations from churches and people from many regions of the USA.  Without the generosity of monetary contributions and willing servants, thousand of adults and children in and around Tijuana, Mexico would remain in poverty and despair.  The leadership of Kingdom Builders Ministry utilizes the tax deductible donations they receive to support their key objectives and their mission of "building relationships and changing lives."You now have the opportunity to make a profound difference by donating today.  Please join us now.



You can make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child through sponsorship by providing them with their educational needs and giving them hope for a better future.

  • Villa del Campos:  $250 per year will pay for tuition, uniform, shoes, and a backpack filled with school supplies.
  • Antorchista:      $250 per year will pay for tuition, uniform, shoes, and a backpack filled with school supplies.
  • University:        $600 per year or $200 for partial scholarship for student to attend college.

Please click on one of the links below to donate today.  Thank you!


  • PASTOR TURY NUNEZ family Supplemental donations

Please support this Lead Pastor of Comunidad Cristiana Church in El Nino, Tijuana, Mexico.  His responsibilities for this significant church community are enormous.  This is a church that is "serving God through serving others."  It is committed to helping impoverished families with children in poor neighborhoods surrounding Tijuana.  Additional donations are needed so that this Pastor and his family can continue to flourish while "building relationships and changing lives" in the Kingdom of God.  One time donations or automatic monthly donations are welcome.


  • BREAKFAST/LUNCH Program for Children in Antorchista

One of the poorest neighborhoods in Tijuana is Antorchista.  Shoreline Church is pledging to feed 100 children in this neighborhood Breakfast or Lunch Monday through Friday.  $5.00 will feed one child for a month.

We are committing to the children of Antorchista.  This program will feed 100 children a meal a day (Monday through Friday). 

Please help out financially, by either a one time donation or pledging a monthly amount.  $5.00 will feed one child for a month. 

Ways to donate:  write a check to Kingdom Builders Ministry with notation for Feeding Program Antorchista and mail to PO Box 74812, San Clemente, CA92673; or use link below to donate through Paypal.

Sponser a Child for School

El Nino Scholarship Program:  Changing Students' Lives for the Better

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.  This program proudly includes 400 students, 90 students whom are currently attending university, trade school, or seminary to become doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, and pastors.

$200 per year for Tuition, Uniform, Shoes and a Filled Backpack

$ 600 per year or $200 for partial scholarship for University

Please click on link below to donate today.  Thank you!