I want to share a few good things that happened during the past 2 months at the church and the ministries that get the opportunity to work with. Starting with CCEN (Comunidad Cristiana El Niño) we had Thanksgiving Night with more than 200 people that showed up and about 30% were people that are not part of church and we were able to bless them. We want to thank 2 families that helped us with donating the food for the night. The church also started a new tradition that we pray will grow every year and that is “Celebra Diferente” we see that we are blessed to be a blessing so we committed to collect 50 bags of food (rice, beans, milk, etc) that people instead of waiting for something from the church, that they will bring something to the church to be distributed among our neighbors, widows and families in need. Again, the Lord surprised us with the sum of 61 bags of food that we were able to bless others with. If you can pray for us and our leadership as we are working hard on the second service for us to express the vision clearly.

Kingdom Builders Ministry is being blessed every month with new partnerships and the number of people being touched by the generosity of the American church. We built 2 homes, 2 churches and had different projects along with child sponsorship events and many meetings. We would like for you to help us pray for all of our self-sustainable projects that will help us grow and bless more people than what we are doing now. Ministerios Transformacion has had an epic finish of the year with Comunidad Cristiana Hechos 13 and Comunidad Cristiana Nueva Libertad opening their doors as new planted churches this January, but it took a lot work in the past few months to be able to get to worship in these 2 new houses of prayer. Along with some leadership trainings and classes we are praying that God leads to the next plants that will happen in Mexicali, Veracruz and Sinaloa hoping that the Gospel will be announced all over Mexico and the rest of the world.

We have no doubt about the calling that God has made to our lives and we enjoy being able to participate in all of these amazing ministries and with all the incredible volunteers and friends we have made over the years. As US citizens, we have some expenses that we cannot eliminate such as rent, insurance and many of the expenses you know about. We own our own house in Mexico and most of the ministry we do is in Tijuana but since my wife is not a US citizen she has to live in the US and that is where our expenses grow significantly. My specific ask is if you were to consider doing a one-time donation or a monthly donation to Kingdom Builders on behalf of our family to be able to cover these expenses. Mariners Church has been kind enough to support us with $800 dollars a month and we have 6 monthly donations that add another $450 dollars so in total we have $1,250 dollars every month but $750 dollars go straight to rent, the rest you know is for groceries, insurance, gas, doctor, fun, and our basic needs. I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and hope you can keep praying for us and know that we are praying for you too.

God Bless You.

Daniel A. Nuñez

667 Fst B5, Chula Vista CA, 91910