As family we are doing good, Leo is healthy and active, learning English and practicing with me which is very interesting because he did not want anything to do with English (haha). Max is very active and discovering a lot of new things, sometimes that is painful, climbing, jumping, running and being a boy. Nallely is doing great, she is really into make up so she enjoys having time to do make up for her and for other ladies and friends. I am also doing great, enjoying family and the opportunity I have to be with them.

Comunidad Cristiana El Niño is going thru an exciting season in the three years that I have been a pastor for the first time we are sending a pastor out to pastor a church and the worship team of teenagers that we are training are going out and helping which is very exciting. We celebrated our first anniversary for the second service and we baptized 12 people, 8 from the second service which is a huge win for us and encouraging to keep going.

We are working on leadership and how do we connect better with people coming to church so help us pray for our church and our leadership team.

Ministerios Transformación Mexico worked with the pastors this month in a very intentional way , we had our pastor fly from Veracruz and Sinaloa, our pastors from Baja also drove to our retreat house in Rosarito and spent three days praying and talking about resting, leadership, family, accountability and many more topics so helpful to our ministry. We also went to Mexico City to be part of the planning of The 2019 Multiplication Network Conference which we are attending and serving in. We are also getting ready to plant church #37 in the Community Águila Real. Please help us pray for our ministry as we keep growing and we impart the vision to the next generation of pastors.

Kingdom Builders Ministry keeps being a blessing to Tijuana thru the finding of new partners and working to the best on the relationships that we already have. This month we built homes had VBS and sponsorship parties for kids in the local churches with many of our partners around the Tijuana area. We ask you to keep praying as we find new partners and start new relationships with them.

I want to thank you for the opportunity that we have to serve together thru the year and for the blessing you are for me and my family but also to the ministries and people that we get to serve. Thank you for your generosity and your heart towards us. We pray for you and thank you for praying for us.

 God bless

-Pastor Tury Núñez