Comunidad Cristiana El Niño
Really excited about what is happening at (CCEN) our second service is now averaging 70+ people every Sunday, we baptized 4 people back in January and started a new session of Rooted with women and youth. We are very excited too about our Youth service where we had more than 100 junior high and high schoolers. Please help us pray as we prepare for this season of Lent and Easter and talking the truth about the Gospel. 

Kingdom Builders Ministry:  We are really excited to see what God is doing in new partnerships and strengthening the ones we have with friends of over 10 years. This year we have more houses planned than any other year last year so we are hoping that through Gods provision we can keep on expanding what he is doing and we can be a part of it. We have now 3 breakfast programs going on, we have close to 800 kids sponsor thru different partners and we keep planting churches with Ministerios Transformacion.

Ministerios Transformacion 
I love what God is doing through MT, church planting is not an easy task but God has blessed us with the opportunity to plant 34 churches for the glory of God. March was a great month we got to travel to Sinaloa to meet with Pastor Leonel and Pastor Noe for them to join our ministry and they did so now we have 2 new churches in Sinaloa Mexico but also in April a group of pastors from MT  along with Shoreline Church will go to Veracruz to build the church where pastor Rutilo will pastor too! Two week after Easter we will planting the second church in Mexicali, God is so good and is all for his glory.

Prayer Request:  Please help us pray for our family as we keep serving others that we can serve each other in a loving way, please also pray that God gives us wisdom to lead his church in a way that honors him and honors his people, also please pray for KBM and MT as we keep working to be able to bless others. We are praying for you and your family and hope to see you soon in Tijuana, Mexico to work together and grow together in the love of Christ.
Daniel “Tury” Nuñez and Family