The volunteer workers who stay overnight in this dormitory facility also receive home cooked meals by Lola. She and her chef staff prepare and cook breakfast for every visitor. When each day of work ends Lola’s team prepares a hot meal too. Her team also prepare hot taco lunches then take them to each job site for the workers.

Further, the Lola kitchen team prepares meals for numerous church and/or community events nearly every week of the year. These are very tasty meals for hundreds of people each time. 

Now, for the first time, Lola has an all new home for her family. This new home was funded and built over one weekend by a loyal crew of mission workers from Mariners Church in Irvine, CA along with a few additional volunteers plus the Kingdom Builders Ministry construction team leaders. Her house is much larger than our standard home. It has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and loft plus a beautiful view. Lola and her family are most deserving of this special home. Oh, Lola is also  an amazing cook. Everyone loves her local Mexican food.