Our family is doing great. Leo is turning 4 next month and Max keeps growing like crazy.  Nallely is doing great serving in the church.  This past Sunday was great and not just because Mexico won, but we also celebrated Father's Day in a very different way.  I got to preach at the church in El Nino and by the end of my message Max made his way up on stage and Leo did too.  It was a precious  moment for me and I could see it as a smile from God to me. I also had the privilege of preaching at my Dad's church which was the third service for the day and was a tremendous belssing for me to have my Dad's blessing on Father's Day to give a message at his church.  This whole weekend was awesome because we got to spend Saturday on a spiritual retreat with Soul Shepherding taking care of 20+ couples and I got to translate and stay in a hotel with my family for the weekend.  I want to ask you for prayer for all the ministries that we serve at church,  KBM and MT as we get in to the busiest season of the year.

Pastor Tury

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