For those that joined us in December you saw exactly what It is like to act upon your beliefs and not sit back in our favorite chair and hope and pray that someone, “anyone but me God”, builds homes for these families who desire and deserve safe decent housing.

This year, we as friends and family, built more homes than we have ever done in the 39 years since Club Dust started as “ The Maranatha Boys” (Above Picture) from a dorm at Pepperdine University.

Together with our local friends we built 8 large foundation homes and latrines, 8 full sets of furniture for those homes, stocked each one with a new stove and propane tank, bought and installed 4000 hand-made adobe bricks which made for great patios around each of the houses.

The families and build process are seen in the video by Clicking Here or you can see on YouTube or on the Club Dust website and Facebook and Instagram sites.

Aside from the homes which is what we are really best at and have been for 39 years we also auctioned off 11 bikes and 2 remote control airplanes to kids who showed us that they are actively attending school. By doing so they get their name entered into a raffle. Over the year we raffle off over 150 bikes on these large trips and each of the day trips where we build smaller portable homes for families living along the railroad tracks on government land.

We sponsor kids to go to school and provide full uniforms each year for 100+ kids that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the uniforms which cost $135.00 per student. We know these kids have little chance of breaking the chain of poverty without getting through high school at least. This is because a high school diploma is required to even get a job in one of the local factories which assemble electronics or furniture.

We also gave over 150 wrapped presents to kids which were donated by the coworkers of Skechers shoes in Moreno Valley.

Then we gave 2000 lbs of fresh healthy food and a car full of hygiene kits to the local moms and had our very own fireworks show to celebrate the homes being finished early!

Grace of Calvary Church held a two day VBS program for the local kids and we made a strong financial gift to the church knowing they serve these families as we return home to the U.S.

Another local church that we partner with provided building leaders making our trip there a shared experience between us guests from the US and the local thriving churches in the area.

The slideshow gives a good idea of what a Club Dust trip looks like. It is what we think Christ really would do if he again walked along us in this country in this time in history.

Club Dust is a mix of people from all over the US coming together with a single goal to provide homes for our neighbors and it’s an especially good thing to be doing at this time when so many families are stuck there on the border hoping for a small chance they have to get into the U.S.

No matter what our political views are individually, we know that we serve a God who considers all people equal and wants us to help as readily as we’d welcome help if our family needed a safe place to live.

In response to this need we will build at least 30 homes as we did last year. This is the best answer and response we can give to the 7000+ people that are piling up against the border there just south of San Diego. Most of these people will not make it into the US and will assimilate into the Tijuana and Tecate communities. A large group of Haitians had a similar experience a few years ago and also stayed, taking jobs and making Mexico their new home.

We hope the video is fun to watch and gives you opportunity to share your own experience with friends and family around you. It is our way each December of honoring in tangible manner the greatest gift ever given.

We will go again and build another batch of homes nearby. The number of homes is always a matter of how many people come to build and how many homes are sponsored at $7000.00 per home. Please consider giving or raising money as we can’t build anything without the funds coming first to buy the wood and all the materials needed.

Club Dust has no overhead, all leaders pay their own way and we have no paid staff or costs other than contributions made to pastor Hector and the local churches as we do.

The registration for the trip which is set for June 19-23 will open up Feb 1. This last trip filled up in a matter of weeks so plan to sign up early to avoid missing out. You can sign up at or respond to a follow up newsletter to this one.

Thanks again to all our donors and trip volunteers. The world as we know it really is better and we are as well for the experience of helping our brothers and sisters.