Comunidad Cristiana El Niño is in a period of preparing new leaders and it is amazing to see leaders with experience that have been with us for a number of years, but also new young leaders with a lot of energy and ideas.  It is so amazing to see how experience and energy can work together and have a church that can reach all ages in our community. With our events and services we are able to have 220+ local people come every Sunday and our winter session for Rooted for the first time has over 20 people signed up for it because we were able to hire someone to take care of it along with other things. We ask that you pray for CCEN for God to let us Inspire God’s people to transform the world and be a blessing to our community.

  Ministerios Transformacion with pastor Daniel and the team keep working on next church plants and along with our partners we are looking at planting church #38 in Valle Imperial and church #39 in Valle Bonito before Easter 2019. While we work on the next church plants we are also working on preparing the next pastors for next year thru our Discovery Center and Church Planting School where we get to work along with many leaders to plant churches. The first week of February a group of pastors from EXCELL Leadership Network and Ministerios Transformacion are traveling to La Habana, Cuba to work with pastor Oniel and their team encouraging them to keep planting churches and doing a Discovery Center with them. You can pray for pastor Daniel and his team of leaders so Ministerios Transformacion can keep pastoring pastors and planting churches.

 Kingdom Builders Ministry our non-profit organization keeps growing with more than 30 partners that come thru the year to build houses, build churches, sponsor kids, breakfast program, but mostly build relationships with our community. So far we have many builds and trips planned for teams coming down to our base in El Niño. A lot of people ask about the situation of the Caravan being in Tijuana but that is in a community and they are being taken care of, many have returned to their country and many have made it across thru asylum granted by the USA. Play help us pray that KBM fulfills his vision of being a channel of blessing to the communities in Tijuana and now the great Mexico country.

 Again I say, Thank you for your generosity, thank you for letting God use you to bless our family so we can bless our country. We pray that God will keep using you in your community and your church.

 -Pastor Tury Nuñez