Comunidad Cristiana El Nino is growing both spiritually and physically. Spiritually in the past months we have graduated 17 people from Rooted and baptized 4 people for the glory of God. We are in our second session of rooted and it is incredible to get to know some amazing stories like the one from Lorena Sanchez . She is blind but she wanted to go thru rooted, so her family is supporting her reading everyday homework as she responds writing with a puncher and comes every Sunday to church and shares with her group in her session and is a great testimony that if you really want to be part, all you have to be is willing to do it. Physically we were able months ago to purchase land to build a new community center, a 500 seat auditorium that will serve our community and the ministry as we continue to serve in our community. If you want to know more or get involved in this amazing project you can go to to serve and donate.

Kingdom Builders Ministry is a very strong arm in what we do as it lets us be accountable and provides many avenues to serve in our community and transform the world. In the past months we have been able to keep sponsoring kids with our partners Mariners Church, Shepherds Grove and The Shoreline Church with close to 1,000 kids sponsored thru the great Tijuana area. KBM gets to work alongside many churches and organizations to build homes and churches in Mexico serving Ministerios Transformacion Mexico. In the past few months we have built 2 churches that are now serving in their community and houses that become beautiful family homes in the communities where is the most needed. Please pray for KBM as we continue to grow and expand and for the construction and kitchen crew that consist of 7 families.

Ministerios Transformacion . Mexico keeps planting churches and now we are at number #40 and we can see Gods hands in MT as we continue to identify leaders, prepare leaders, send leaders and support them. During April, May and June we have planted 3 churches. Church #38 was planted in Valle Imperial with Pastor Luis Rivera, church #39 in Valle Bonito with pastor Manuel Vargas and church #40 in Rancho 40 with pastor Esteban Espinoza. God has been so good, and we ask that you praying as the needs of every pastor are different and we seek wisdom to help the best we can.

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Thank you for your support, I am because you are, we as a family pray for you and for what you are doing in your ministry, house and family. We love you and encourage you to keep going strong in the Lord.

 God bless you.

-Pastor Tury Nunez