Tijuana ~ a home away from home by Jessica Quada of Michigan

I'd like to give you just a glimpse of what one month in El Nino is like.  I have had the privilege and blessing to be a part of Kingdom Builders Ministry for the month of July.

While I was here, a total of 3 homes were built, 2 fiestas attended, visited Campamento de Fe and the orphanage along with helping to paint the dorms here or touch up other things.  I've heard it said that God uses the available not the able and I can definitely say that this trip revealed that.  From paint all over myself to spilling a popsicle down the front of my shirt to saying the wrong things when attempting to speak Spanish.  I learned that sometimes it's best to laugh at yourself when things happen like this and to just smile!

While we may not share the same language, one thing that held us together was our faith and how we expressed it through actions!  God is love and I was able to witness firsthand families that were provided a home with keys for the first time ... you can't put into words what I experienced being part of the key ceremony.  A home, shelter, a roof over their head truly means the world to them.  But to be able to provide a home in 2 days to them is simply overwhelming!  To think that God can use "unskilled labor" as one team that was here said to provide shelter and demonstrate God's love is simply amazing!  So thankful to have been a part of this awesome ministry of a very hardworking crew!


Tony Irvine:  Kingdom Builders Apprentice

Blessings upon me in Abundance.  I was personally fortunate to have served as a missionary apprentice with Kingdom Builders Ministry (KBM) and Ministerios Transformacion Church group over the summer months of 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico.  While searching for a missionary opportunity I discovered the KBM charity in the US and the Ministerios Transformacion church group in Mexico founded and led by the Pastor Nunez family.

Little did I know how my two months of living and working in Tijuana would transform my life.  I had no idea about what to expect from such an experience since I had never been out of the USA.  While in Tijuana, I experienced and worked with four large missionary groups visiting to help improve the lives of families in the region.  Together we built 10 homes, 2 large Sunday school classrooms, completed an all new 2-story home for the Director of El Campamento de Fe hospice and one house addition plus numerous additional projects.

While spending time with the Pastor Daniel Nunez family, mission teams from a variety of USA churches, and the KBM Board of Directors, numerous deep needs in my personal life were revealed.  All of these people demonstrated traits of integrity, respect for others, outstanding morals, class, and above all, their love for God and everyone they served.  These men and women truly live lives filled with love and respect for everyone.

For me personally, I traveled to Mexico from Seattle, WA seeking to serve God and give of my soul to others in need.  In the end I was the one who received a family, countless loving friends living in Mexico and numerous mission friends visiting from the USA. 

In conclusion, I've personally decided to complete my college education this year then relocate to Tijuana to continue serving the Lord with my numerous new friends and family that have become part of my life.

Mexico Missionary Terese from Denmark with Love

My name is Terese, age 21, from Denmark.  Before I went on my mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico, I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know how the people I was planned to work with would accept me, what my duties would be or if I would like what I would be doing.

I was positive God wanted me there so I trusted Him even though He was leading me a little out of my comfort zone.  I was excited to see what He had in store for me. I had a few expectations but I never could have predicted the enormous blessings He would heap upon me!!

I had the opportunity to be a part of a ministry with a God centered heart.  God is doing so many great deeds for countless needy families and kids in Tijuana.  The Pastor families with whom I spent a lot of my time are devoted followers of Jesus.  The entire Ministerios Transformacion church family was most welcoming and loving to me.  Everyone treated me as family.

I even helped build homes for families who were living 4 people in a room of 10 square meters or 4 people in a closet space.  I helped build a church over one weekend!  I assisted an American mission group providing free dental and medical care to families.  I pitched in to help build a home for the Director of a Hospice.

Further I witnessed countless loving hearts and souls being used by God to bring about enormous change, all for the good.  I worked side by side with numerous American volunteer missionaries of all genders and ages giving up their personal time to do God's work in Tijuana.  They were amazing!

In conclusion, I was blessed over and over with this opportunity of a lifetime to build relationships and change lives with and for my family in Christ - young and old - from the other side of the world.  It is amazing what God is doing in Tijuana, Mexico and all around the world.  He is good.  Glory Be to God!