Education: Sponsor a Child for School

Education is one of the most important keys to breaking the cycle of poverty.  Every year of schooling means a possible improved financial outlook for growing children, their families and their communities.  Without outside financial support most children cannot continue their education beyond middle school.  Through this child education sponsorship program, hundreds of children are receiving an education that they may not otherwise receive.  Many of these children are attending colleges to study engineering, nursing, teaching, business, medicine and other educational programs.

By sponsoring a child, each student's tuition is paid, plus they receive a uniform, pair of shoes and a backpack filled with school supplies to enhance their school and study experience.

As a donor you will receive a detailed photo biography, a personal thank you note from your sponsored child, periodic updates and a once per year opportunity to visit your child and families at their school.  The high level of personal joy you receive from sponsoring a child is very powerful and personally satisfying.  Many of the children are supported by the same sponsor year after year through college.

Donor amount for elementary, middle and high school:  Only $175 per school year.

Donor amount for college (university):  Only $600 per school year.